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Persuasion in the ER: Trip #1

About two weeks ago I woke up with excruciating abdominal pain. The pain had started the week prior, however, it was mild and subsided within a couple of hours. The pain was unlike anything I’ve felt in the past. When I was eight years old I developed Crohn’s Disease, which is a genetic gastrointestinal disease. With most cases of Crohn’s …

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3080, Reading Responses

Reading Response Pullman Chapter 3

Pullman begins chapter three by illustrating that deliberate practice leads to improved performance because it isn’t just repetition. It allows one to improve their skills by constructing new ideas via a process of trial and error. Pullman also mentions the five canons of rhetorical performance, which include, invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery. Each of these canons affects the intensity …

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3080, Independent Work

Firearm Legislation

The immediate is preferable to the delayed. If what is immediate is saving human lives and what is delayed is the absence of reformed firearm legislation, then immediate firearm legislation is preferable to the delay of human safety. 2. Truth is preferable to opinion. If guns pose a threat to human lives and firearm legislation is based on opinion, then …

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The Foundation that Cried “Wolf!”

Dear Parents and Teachers, The Literacy Foundation- Words of Hope’s well-known advocacy against illiteracy is not evident in one of their more recent campaigns. The advertisement depicting a decrepit Cinderella is an unnecessary call to action. The monotony and weathered visual characteristics evoke a sense of fear within the, mostly, already literate community that is creating an imaginary literary crisis. …

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