1. admin

    This artifact has two explicit audiences in mind. The first audience being those that are familiar with Cinderella or Disney in general. The other audience are people that are aware unaware of the Literacy Foundation. Those that are unaware of the Literacy Foundation are automatically drawn in by the sickly looking Cinderella. The author of this advertisement, the Literacy Foundation, intentionally used this character to shock anyone that comes into contact with it. I think that with every advertisement or form of persuasion there is an “unintended audience” in mind that the author or speaker is trying to persuade.

  2. Mrs. A

    Definitely in for shock value. The intended audience is mothers, do you think?

    1. admin

      Based on the image, mothers are an intended audience, however I think that another implicit audience could be educators. I think that this ad heavily emphasizes the importance of learning and the role that teachers play in a child’s education and imagination. I think that another possible audience could be artists because the Literacy Foundation is encouraging visual and mental creativity. Therefore for artists it is critical that they create pieces that actively engage the mind to stimulate the brain.

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