Fox News… Persuasive or Bias?

The general intention of is to give “impartial” accounts on news stories. However, Fox News is famously known to be a biased news source. The site is persuasive to its audience of mostly Republican followers, however it is not as persuasive to my partner Iman and I, as we hold different political views. The title of the sites article, “‘Well-oiled’ activist ops targeting GOP reps at their homes, hijacking town halls,” suggests so much in itself about the views of the reporter covering the story. The construction of the title is obnoxious and aggressive and it seems to be pointing fingers at dedicated activists for standing up for their rights. The use of the term “hijacking” in the title compares the activists to terrorists, with a clear reference to the 9/11 attack. The article further illustrates that a “newly elected” Republican GOP was “targeted” at his home by activists to hold protests. The site fails to recognize the fact that activists showed up on the GOP’s doorstep as a last resort since other the GOP’s failed to address their concerns.

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  1. Mrs. A

    This is interesting! I wonder what Iman’s interpretation is. I also wonder what makes you think Fox News strives for impartiality. Is that a reality about any cable news source (CNN, MSNBC, etc.)? Or is it a myth or exaggeration? If impartiality is neither valued nor strived for, then what can we say about the current role of journalism in our culture (at least in terms of cable news)?

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