3080, Independent Work

Choosing a Slide for Georgie’s Persona

This in class assignment required much flexibility and reconsideration in relation to our first slides that we previously did in class.┬áThe persona we, (Iman, Ellie, and myself), chose to address was Georgie. He is a ten year old child that is described as naive, yet optimistic. He is a very imaginative child that is not particularly driven to do much work, yet he is capable of doing things on his own. While this description seems to be very straightforward, the “blank slate” characterization, makes creating a successful argument easier, yet harder. What kind of argument would persuade a child, more specifically a child with Georgie’s persona? Would a slideshow be the most practical form of presentation or something more hands on? For the sake of this assignment, our group transformed a slide into an argument fit for Georgie.

Choosing a title for the slide seemed to be the most time consuming part of the process. Much like an introduction, the first slide is very important in the way that it intrigues our targeted audience, Georgie. The word choice of the slide was particularly important because it could not be overly complicated for a child’s mind to grasp. Originally we were going to title the slide “Georgie’s Survival Guide to Team Building.” This title stems from our original topic with our first persona Cynthia. We realized this title is not very child friendly and seems more like a rule book instead of a helpful guide.

After reaching this conclusion, we decided to title the slide “Georgie’s Team Building [Block] Party.” We decided on this title because it is whimsical and the play on words is something that would likely intrigue Georgie. Iman suggested that we use brackets around the word “block” so that the title visually represents the angles of a block. I think it was important that we incorporate the term block and the use of the brackets because most children grow up playing with some sort of building blocks, whether they are the original wooden blocks or Legos. This word choice also represents a child’s use of blocks when learning to build foundations.

As we continued with more slides to see if the topic would be Georgie worthy, we created different steps, which also represent different building blocks. Once all of the steps (blocks) are put together, they will illustrate a child friendly way to be successful at team building.

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