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My Philosophy of Persuasion

As an English major, writing, more particularly persuasion, is a form of art, not only because it is categorized within the Arts & Humanities, but because of its ability to be manipulated. Persuasion is an everyday form of communication, although it may not be immediately recognizable as rhetorical persuasion. The term persuasion is the study and application of writing efficiently and effectively. This art form is not just about the author trying to convince people why he or she likes or dislikes something and getting said audience to agree with them. It is a compilation of strategic diction that everyone understands at one point or another. In our society persuasion surrounds our everyday lives. Advertising, politics, and even social media are forms of persuasion. Persuasion and ethics go hand in hand to help properly and effectively communicate ideas. Ethics uses persuasion to constantly evolve itself and balance one another out.


  1. Mrs. A

    Great initial thinking here. I wonder what you mean by persuasion is a form of art. I think of painting or sculpture or poetry as art forms. Persuasion, though… if is “everyday” in a way that those other things aren’t, right? Is art “strategic” in the way you describe persuasion here?

    1. admin

      Art can be considered strategic in the sense that it presents an argument. Now, whether the argument is implicit, explicit or even intentional is based on the audience and their perception. Art can also be considered a form of rhetoric in the way that it is a medium through which an idea is presented. I am currently a student in Dr. Harker’s English 3050 Rhetoric class and the readings from Herrick’s text has proven itself quite useful in my response to your comment. Herrick illustrates rhetoric as a carefully constructed “techne” with various qualities that aid in its success. Therefore, art is merely a subset of an argument in the way that an argument is a subset of persuasion.

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