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NFL Protests: Standing Up by Kneeling

President Trump is widely known for maintain a Twitter account that most Americans wish was secretly being run by a toddler. However, recently, the President has published tweets that, in my opinion, do not uphold proper presidential character. Although his tweets are not out of his character, as the President of the United States, one should be focused on the improvement of our country as a whole rather than attacking those who wish to exercise their rights as citizens. In 2016 Colin Kaepernick exercised his right to peaceful protest by kneeling during the National Anthem as a response to police brutality. Kaepernick’s action was a monumental moment in live television history because as a person of color, the expression of our rights is merely seen as a giant middle finger to the country that most non people of color claim upholds its reputation of “liberty” and “equality.”

President Trump’s tweet targeted the men of color that wished to exercise their rights by kneeling during the National Anthem throughout various footballs games this past Sunday. What the players see as a fundamental right to peaceful protest, President Trump considers disrespect to our nation.  The President even went as far as suggesting that these men were “Sons of b*****s” and that they should be reprimanded for their actions by owners of the teams. Owners of NFL teams across the country immediately stood with their players and disagreed with President Trumps vulgar comments. Some owners and coaches even knelt with team members during the anthem to support the men of color attacked by the President.

The symbolic actions of the many players that followed through with kneeling was truly a representation of history repeating itself and an illustration of the lack of equality within a national that claims “Liberty and justice for all.” People of color struggle everyday to exercise rights that are inherently fundamental for whites. As a person of color, it breaks my heart to see our country moving backwards when it comes to equal rights for all. Although it is saddening, the persuasion behind the kneeling proves that we, as people of color, will peacefully and deliberately fight for a right that is fundamentally ours. It also persuades others to understand that players aren’t kneeling to be disrespectful, but simply because we would like for the American flag to protect people of color just as much as it protects non people of color.

What is your opinion on the NFL protests?

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