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Rogerian Model Argument

1.Taylor Swift’s representation of feminism is effective for some, while lacking persuasion for other feminists. Swift’s illustration of feminism is effective for her already established fans who think that everything she does has positive impact, however, it does not portray feminism for what it actually is. Swift defines her form of feminism as external beauty and uplifting her popular “girl squad.”

2. The audience sees it as feminist because often times beautiful women promote other beautiful women and all they can see from the argument is that there is a woman being represented. Since Taylor Swift is so successful and is a woman with a high net worth, she is therefore breaking the glass ceiling for “women everywhere.”

3. Taylor Swift is a media icon that is not an average person within society, therefore her perception of her feminist argument is not completely representative of the feminist community. She only focuses on external beauty. Her song lyrics are very materialistic and lack a convincing argument for a worthy feminist idea.

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