3080, Independent Work, The RAP

Why the RAP?

The purpose of The Rap is truly multifaceted. Choosing a “persuasive” artifact seems to be the easiest task of the entire project, when really it can become quite tricky. An image used for an advertisement isn’t necessarily persuasive unless it meets certain criteria. The RAP will assist students with the identification and evaluation of a “successful” persuasive argument. This project will provoke us to ask questions about the purpose and positioning of the authors of our artifacts. By identifying and researching an author we can then establish an intended audience, which will bring us closer to pinpointing the quality of the argument set forth, i.e “Who was this created for? How does the author expect the audience to react? Etc…” ┬áThe way in which the artifact is presented will also contribute to the success of the argument because I consider a successful argument to be one in which the medium holds both implicit and explicit meaning. An image or a carefully constructed video that is universally controversial may or may not be as persuasive as the author intended it to be, therefore it does a poor job of persuading. Overall, The RAP is a project that will essentially engage our analysis of artifacts and may even cause us to read our artifacts “against the grain.”

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